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I run a consulting practice helping companies leverage the power of AWS Cloud and go fully Serverless.

I’ve been working in IT for over 7 years, and for over 4 years, I was working with Amazon Web Services cloud, delivering scalable, secure, highly-available, and cost-effective solutions for my partners.

Moreover, I’m a certified AWS Architect using Terraform, Serverless Framework, and AWS CDK daily to create fully reproducible infrastructures as a code.

Even though understanding businesses, creating migration strategies, and bringing them to the cloud is my primary responsibility, I still love to write code in Javascript or Typescript with frameworks like React or Node.js, so I’m not scared to jump into application development. I have experience working not only with small scale startups but also large scale enterprise organizations like Riot Games or Fandom.

During my career, I’ve built not only APIs and CRUDs but also machine learning-powered applications, hybrid cloud data archival solutions, and DevOps tooling, enabling companies to go with much higher velocity.

I am a big proponent of the Open Source, having over 50 projects available on my GitHub downloaded thousands of times per day, and one of the main Serverless Framework contributors.

Recently, I've also started Dynobase, a professional GUI Client for DynamoDB with mission to onboard thousands of developers to Cloud-native and Serverless world.

For more information, please email me at raf.wilinski@gmail.com