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Hello, I'm Rafal

I'm a cloud-native software engineer, AWS consultant and founder of Dynobase. After hours, I'm big supporter of Serverless paradigm, wannabe generative artist, cyclist and calisthenics fan.

I can help you move your business to the AWS cloud.

Recent Blog Posts

June 05, 2020Creating Golang Lambda functions in AWS CDK
May 29, 2020GraphQL@Edge with globally replicated DynamoDB, AWS Lambda and Cloudfront CDN
December 30, 2019How I became AWS Certified Architect Professional - my tips and tricks on passing the exam
December 06, 2019Serverless in 2020 gets even better with re:Invent improvements for AWS Lambda - cold starts are "finally gone"
November 29, 2019Lessons learned using Single-table design with DynamoDB and GraphQL in production
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Recent OSS Projects and Contirbutions

May 26, 2020Serverless OpenGraph Image Generator
May 25, 2020Express Status Monitor
May 16, 2020Graph@Edge with Global DynamoDB Tables boilerplate
May 04, 2020AWS X-Ray Typescript Decorator
March 16, 2019Serverless Framework
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2020Started Dynobase
2019Became Certified AWS Architect Professional
2019Worked on XHQ.com as Backend Lead
2017Worked on multiple projects for Riot Games
2016Worked on Serverless Framework
2016Started doing AWS consulting
2016Got my first AWS Architect certification
2016Released Express-status-monitor
2015Joined Fandom.com
2014Landed my first "real" Software Engineering job
2013Decided to major in computer science
2012Released Voxel Rush, game downloaded over 2 million times
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